Hiking with the Dad

Dad and Pete at Summit

Atop Santa Fe Baldy 2009

Dad has been a hiker for nearly as long as I’ve been on the planet.  In my youth he “forced” me to go along and thankfully was tough enough to put up with my whining.  That’s because in adulthood I too came to appreciate and value the beauty provided in nature and equally the exercise received by hiking to get there.  Here are a few shots from our exploits over the years.


Phantom Ranch logo2

Jean, Dad at Rim

Sister Jean with Pops

Our first big expedition was to the Grand Canyon.  I believe that was in 2000.  Then we returned with my sister in 2004.  It was fun to stay over at the bottom in Phantom Ranch.  The scenery is stunning and ever changing.


Dad in Grand Canyon 2004

Bighorns munching

Bighorn sheep…amazing climbers


Sis, me and Dad take a break on the trail at GC

The next series were Santa Fe Baldy (2009) and Lake Peak (2011). The two peaks adjoin each other with a saddle in between.  Both start at the base of the Santa Fe Ski Basin.  Next up is the hidden jewel of Nambe Lake in between the two peaks.  We’re planning that for 2015.




We overnighted on Baldy hike


I wouldn’t eat that!


Prepping the backpacks for Baldy


Dad scaling boulder field

Dad scaling boulder field on way to Lake Peak 2012

Blue skies tall trees

Santa Barbara Canyon Aspens 2013

In 2013 my brother and I joined forces for a hike to Santa Barbara canyon.  This is one of my Dad’s favorite spots for viewing the aspens changing color in the fall.  Unusual weather conspired to make 2013 somewhat less stunning visually than previously but it was still very pretty.

Pete, Dad, Tony

Tony and I with Dad at Santa Barbara Canyon 2013

Dad hiking at Santa Barbara

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One Response to Hiking with the Dad

  1. Mom Heller says:

    What a lovely memoir! Thank you for putting it together.

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